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  1. Hi Pam,
    I met you recently at Poole Light House, was admiring your port harbour painting and I loved your harlequin style dancers with ribbons. I too, am a fellow artist. Have you thought about exhibiting your Tiger paintings with the MIWAS exhibition? Look up MIWAS Marwel International Wildlife Art Society. I think you Tigers would do well there. You have to join to exhibit but they have a very large exhibition in August with a lot of people seeing the art.
    Kind Regards
    Teresa Fraser-Nash

    • PAM JUDD Thank you for your enquiry. unfortunately I have not any of the tigers in stock, but will be looking to paint further tigers/wild animals/ endangered species during 2016. I have just finished an Exhibition, selling Giraffe, Emu and these will also be on my list! many thanks for contact. kind regards, pam

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